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An Italian story made of passion and will,

handed down from father to son. Our goal is customer satisfaction, offering quality products at very affordable prices. All this thanks to the passion we put into our work. In our factory we take care of the entire production process, laboratory tests, logistics, and the result is a safe, effective and convenient product. Discover the entire Alba product family in the catalog section. The Alba family of detergents is produced by De Simone S.r.l., a historic name in the Campania chemical industry. The story begins at the beginning of the 20th century when Mr. De Simone produced and sold soap in pieces. It was a natural soap whose recipe is still used today for the production of ecological soap. It is an Italian story made of passion and will, handed down from father to son.
In 1975 De Simone opened the Arzano plants.



It's a big step forward. New products such as fabric softeners and dish soap are born. Growth is important and Alfredo De Simone, owner of the company, takes the plunge in 2004 by moving the headquarters and production to the new plants in the industrial area of San Marco Evangelista in the province of Caserta.
De Simone S.r.l. with the Alba brand, it is today a consolidated and important reality in the panorama of Campania entrepreneurship. Alba products are present in the best national and foreign stores.
The experience gained and the solidity of the company are a real guarantee for our customers.