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Coffee and tea have a high staining power. To keep the cups white, take a basin and fill it with hot water.

Add a glass of Candeggina Alba. Leave the dishes to soak for about an hour. After this time, wipe the dishes one at a time with a sponge with an abrasive side, then put them back in the basin with running water.

Rinse the cups very well to remove the bleach residues.

Then wash dishes with lemon or vinegar with Alba, rinse and dry with a soft cloth.

When we cook fish, the smell remains on our hands. This can be remedied as follows: pour cold water into a basin with a spoonful of hydrogen peroxide.
Wash your hands with Le Beauty Hand Soap and rinse them with this mixture: as if by magic, the smell of the fish will vanish.

To wash the windows, use Alba Vetri. One of "grandmother's remedies" is to dry the windows using newspaper paper (not glossy color magazines) which, in addition to absorbing dirt very well, contains petroleum, a substance that makes the windows shine.

Never mix ammonia and bleach, because the union of them produces a harmful gas. It is advisable to make sure that the room is always sufficiently ventilated before and after the use of ammonia. Also remember to keep the ammonia packs away from children and pets.

Removing the smell of bleach from your hands isn't that easy.
The smell of this chemical penetrates the pores of the skin and lingers there.
You can try the following remedies.
Pour a small amount of lemon juice on both hands and rub them together for about twenty seconds and rinse with cold water.
Pour three cups of water and three of Aceto Plus into a large plastic bowl, then immerse your hands in this solution for about a minute. Wash thoroughly with soap and water. Rinsing will in turn remove the odors of the two substances used, both the lemon and the vinegar.
You can also use concentrated tomato juice, pouring a small amount between your hands and rubbing them for about thirty seconds. Wash with soap and rinse.
Another remedy is a mix of soap and toothpaste to rub your hands with. Rinse well and sprinkle with talcum powder.
Another remedy is to rub a spoonful of baking soda between your hands for at least a minute. Rinse and the smell will completely disappear from your hands.

It is always advisable to use a specific detergent for dark garments, such as Alba Mix Color.

If the fabric is made of cotton, these parts must be dabbed inside out with a mixture of water and Alba Ammonia, leaving it to act for 5/10 minutes.
At first the stains tend to darken, then they disappear with the actual washing. Water and ammonia are suitable for any fabric dye, white, black and coloured, but it is always good to test it on a small part.
Then, fill a bowl with hot water, detergent and perborate and soak the clothes just treated with Alba Ammonia.
Leave to soak for a few hours. When rinsing, pour a little more detergent on the part and rub, then rinse.
The woolen shirts should be immersed for ten minutes in cold water and coarse salt or dabbed with warm water and two tablespoons of borax. Immediately after, rinse and delicate wash

Alba Softener, in addition to giving a pleasant fragrance to the laundry, makes it softer and protects the garments from wear. The fibers remain soft and the garments remain in shape.

This information can be found on all Alba detergent labels.

Because the entire production cycle, from the production of plastic containers, to laboratory tests, to the production of detergents takes place entirely within our factories, managing to contain costs.